Wednesday, December 29, 2010

#924 U2 - "Running To Stand Still"

There are two bands on this countdown with 15 songs. U2 is one of them, and this is their first. From the epic Joshua Tree record, which has 4 of the 15 songs, comes this track. Its slow, its quiet and its got a shit ton of feeling.

Line to remember: "Scream without raising your voice!!!!"

#925 The Walkmen - "We've Been Had"

It would be nice to know how many of the songs in this list are in car commercials. I bet like over 200 of them! All songs eventually end up in car commercials i suppose.
Anyway, the Walkmen are from New York City...but like most bands, they are from somewhere else and moved to NYC ...cause its cool and more of an opportunity to get noticed. The Walkmen are really from the DC area. Where they attended a fancy private St. Albans High School. Either way, they make some good tunes, thanks guys! This one's from 2002.

#926 Mission of Burma - "That's When I Reach for My Revolver"

Boston's Mission of Burma wrote this highly popular to cover song. I didnt realize it was even a Mission of Burma song at first. I first heard the Moby version and thought "nice song, but Moby is a DJ!!!", then i heard the Catherine Wheel song, thinking it was the original. Finally i was schooled on the Burma version and it places itself here, at number 926.

Dont shoot!

#927 Ballboy - "Where Do The Night Of Sleep Go To When They Do Not Come To Me"

I haven't counted but this song may be the song with the longest title in the top 1000. Its by Scottish band Ballboy and is another band with just one song in the countdown. It seems to be happening a lot lately. and bands with 5 or more songs seem to have not been heard from yet.

I guess this list should start getting much more interesting soon!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#928 Plastic Bertrand - "Ca Plane Pour Moi"

Well this is one of the most fun songs on the countdown. Why is it not higher? well cause its kinda dumb. but it did make the top 1000!! ...Straight outta Belgium, Plastic Bertrand isnt really singing on this song, its some other guy named Lou. the loose translation of "ca plane pour moi" is "all is well for me". See, told you it was happy! This is one of 9 Plastic Bertrand songs on the countdown....just kidding. Surfs Up!!!!

#929 Danzig - "Am I Demon"

Few bands defined my first 2 years of high school better than Danzig. The days spent listening to the first three Danzig CDs, along with his former band the Misfits were plenty! I think me and my friends may have known every lyric to every song.

Mr. Seth Scharon, i think i speak for many of us... when i say...whenever i hear some Danzig, makes me think of you! :)

#930 Counting Crows - "Angels Of The Silences"

So the the Counting Crows are one of my favourite bands. Not so much now and the music they are making currently, but their first 2 albums rank in my top 50 albums of all time! They put on a hell of a live show and were one of my highlights of Woodstock 99.

The Crows have 9 songs in the top 1000 and this is the first one.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#931 Sun Kil Moon - "Carry Me Ohio"

Sun Kil Moon is the side project of Mark Kozelek of indie fave Red House Painter fame. This song came out on his first CD back in 2003 and even made Pitchfork's Top 500 songs of the 2000s list. Its a beautiful song about...well, Ohio, where Kozelek is from.

Its also the only song about a state not named New York in this countdown...for those that are keeping track, and the only Sun Kil Moon song.

#932 Ours - "Medication"

Ours is a rock band, mostly from New Jersey, led by Jimmy Gnecco. They have been around for a long time too but were only mildly popular in the early 2000s. Its a shame because Gnecco's voice is amazing and its quite a mystery why Ours did not gain more fame.

Well, they are not overlooked in my top 1000 as they have 3 songs, thats 2 more than the Rolling Stones!!!

#933 The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - "Sister Surround"

Cool name for a band huh? I like it too! These Swedish guys not only have a cool name though, their sound is original yet retro, indie rock, yet psychedelic. They also put on quite a live show. The large lead singer who looks like he could be in a Swedish metal band..., wearing his tunic, belting out happy pop songs and rock tunes alike.

They also hold the award for band i have seen the most times around the least amount of people. Two shows i have seen this band in Baltimore with a grand total of maybe 50 people at both shows combined!!! Odd for a band who's album was nominated for a grammy award!

Maybe Baltimore isn't the mercury for alternative musical tastes!

#934 Lita Ford - "Kiss Me Deadly"

So for any guy 12-25 who enjoyed the rock and roll in the 1980s, he may have been into Poison and Guns N Roses and Def Leppard or even Iron Maiden. And while may ex-Runaways singer Lita Ford's music was nowhere near as good as some of those bands, she was.....compared to the guys in Iro...n Maiden anyway, smoking hot!
Yeah, i had a Lita Ford poster in my room when i was about 10. and yeah, Corey Walker tried to steal it!

This is maybe her biggest solo hit coming from 1988.

#935 Grandaddy - "Now It's On"

Well since that last one was no video....we'll do two in one day again.Grandaddy was one of many bands i heard about by reading the bands that Thom Yorke from Radiohead likes. (Sparklehorse and Muse are on that list, too) Picked up an EP of them in 2001 or so and they grew on me greatly. T...hey are also on the short list of bands i have never seen live. And sadly, since they broke up in 2006 i may never see them. Grandaddy has three songs in the top 1000. Enjoy!

Friday, November 12, 2010

#936 Chicks On Speed - "Turn Of The Century"

Now another song most of you probably haven't heard. Have no idea where i did either. Disco-pop, loud distorted fast girl rock. I love it. I dont even know if this band exists anymore. But this song is worth having in your collection. I cant find a video but heres some link may be able to play / download the tune.

#937 Duran Duran - "Wild Boys"

Ok so this song should perhaps be a bit higher than 935. Came out in 1983 and while i was only 6 years old, it fast became my favourite song. Yes, even better than that Chaka Khan song. ...Perhaps it was the awesome drums...a bit techno-ish perhaps?

Well either way, i had the 45 and i must have played it tons every damn day. Wild Boys, despite never closing their eyes, will always have a special place in my heart!The video is cool too, costing 1 million dollars. which was a shit ton for those days..though i didnt have MTV in 1983 so i dont think i've ever even seen this video!

#938 The White Stripes - "The Denial Twist"

Here's Jack White again!!! The man is everywhere! His band the White Stripes are by far his most popular, though no word on any new material from them.The Denial Twist comes from the Get Behind Me Satan album in 2005. The video below, directed by Michel Gondry is quite an interes...ting one, watch for Conan O Brien!

#939 The Raconteurs - "Steady, As She Goes"

Well most of you know Jack White from the White Stripes, but he's quite the busy man. Amassing side projects at an alarming rate. The Raconteurs is his second band and here he collaborates with Brendan Benson and others. The first single came out in 2006 and this song, was th...e number one song of the year according to me!! So you see how good the rest of these songs are gonna have to be!

#940 Sugar Ray - "Falls Apart"

You all remember that wicked awesome band Sugar Ray right? The band that sang that song "iiiii just wanna fly!". right? Well maybe you dont. Maybe you just remember that spikey hair guy from that Pussycat Dolls show.

But either way, Sugar Ray had a few hits in the 90s. This was not rea...lly one of them, but i love it and wish more of their songs were like this and not the pappy crap most of their stuff is. Also, look for Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath to be hosting another TV show, "Don't Forget the Lyrics" next month.

Watch this video....not only do they not seem to really need "DJ Homicide" but really? DJ Homicide???

#941 TV On The Radio - "Dancing Choose"

Brooklyn's TV on the Radio is really not your average indie rock band. Firstly, they are mostly african american and secondly they have a kinda of experimental industrial rock, punk, hip hop sound to them. This song is one of my favourites by paced and rapid fire lyrics to go with a nice beat....theres even a small part that sounds like he's about to bust into "Its the end of the world as we know it" (which is also on this countdown!)

more from TVOTR to be had on this list!

Friday, November 5, 2010

#942 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Maps"

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs arent but 10 years old but they rose to quick indie fame and went from playing a midnight show at the 930 club in 2003 to replacing the Beastie Boys as festival headliners just a few years later. Frontwoman Karen O has all the charisma of a Debbie Harry and their style of punk rock has gained them much deserved international success.

Interesting side note, in 2002 Karen O and and guitarist Nick Zinner shared a NYC loft with future members of the band Metric. What a creative space that must have been!

This song, from 2003, was written about Karen O's relationship with Liars singer Angus Andrews. Reportedly, the title "Maps" is an acronym for My Angus Please Stay.

#943 Aerosmith - "Janie's Got A Gun"

Well i am a little too young to remember the Aerosmith's "Dream On" and "Sweet Emotion" days and the excitement for "Walk This Way" was more for Run DMC than it was for Aerosmith, but they did have a few years of excellence in my book. Both Permanent Vacation and this album Pump, w...ere that era.

After Pump, they made friends with Alicia Silverstone and they lost me!!!But this ones a good one and i love the songs/videos with a bit of a plot!

#944 Mos Def - "Sex, Love & Money"

Out of all of the hip-hop/rap songs on the countdown most of them are older...say 90s or 80s. Mos Def isnt your typical rapper though so his 2004 single breaks the mold. Not only does Mos Def make conscious rap with fantastic beats, he's a great actor, which also breaks the mold of bad... rapper/actors. :)

Its the only Mos Def entry on the chart so i suppose it would make this my favourite Mos Def song...whats yours???

#945 Way Out West - "The Gift"

So one of the many dance songs on the countdown...Way Out West is a duo out of England, mainly involving popular Dj Nick Warren. They have been pumping dancefloors for over 10 years, but this was their breakout hit.

From 1997, this song could be heard at parties across the globe, on everywhere, and most famously to me, as the closing song on one of Scott Henry's Fever: Time to Get Ill tapes. A soft beat....some happy lyrics...perfect for when the sun was coming up and you could barely stand anymore!

#946 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "In Like The Rose"

BRMC is a 3-piece from San Fransisco that plays more like a 5-piece band! Their fuzzy wall of sound and their raw bluesy rock is immediately quite reminiscent of Jesus and Mary Chain, which is why i was immediately drawn to them. They are pure rockstars too, not just... in their name Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but in their all black, all leather jacket stage get up. A great live show if you've never seen it.

BRMC is part of a series of concerts i've attended that i dub "i saw these guys way back when" shows. BRMC was the middle band between Manchester Orchestra and headliner Kings Of Leon back a few years ago at tiny Rams Head Live. 2 years later, the Kings nearly sold out Merriweather Post Pavilion. Its good to be in the know ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

#947 - Beth Orton - "I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine"

Perhaps some of you know my love for female singer / songwriters. I loved Fiona Apple for a while, Jewel for a bit, but perhaps my favourite is Beth Orton. She's also the most British and with her touching lyrics and sometimes eerie techno beat, she sets herself apart.... She also remains on my short list of artists i've never seen live.

She's also good friends with my boys Tom and Ed from the Chemical Brothers!cries. She has a couple songs on this chart....this, a sad one about not wanting something so great because it makes it that much worse when its gone.

#948 - Falco "Rock me Amadeus"

Oh the late Falco. This song was a number one hit in 1986 and despite having a second small hit, Falco was dubbed a one hit wonder....that is if you dont count the bus that hit him in 1998!!! Either way, everyone knows this one and it couldnt be left out. Even if most references to this, and Falco, are a bit on the humorous side. Its also the only song on the chart that has German in it. (Sorry, Nena!).

#949 David Gray - 'Be Mine'

Known for Babylon and Please Forgive Me, Gray has many awesome songs about love, loss and hope. He may seem a little adult contemporary for some of you but check him out, you wont be at all disappointed.

Jumpin Jesus, Holy Cow!

#950 Guns N' Roses - "Estranged"

So you can argue the merits of Guns N Roses with me all day. Sure, maybe they are and were a joke, but look people...if you dont like or never liked them, you are too old or too young, all there is too it!

Though short lived, they were one of my favourites, and it shows from the TWELVE so...ngs they have in my top 1000. Estranged is a nine minute long track, suppposedly written by Axl about his failed marriage and the video was the third part to a video trilogy that included Don't Cry and November Rain as the first 2 parts.

I especially like this song for the last couple verses and how Axl seems to go off track and just belting out the last few lines...I knew the storm was getting closerAnd all my friends said I was highBut everything we've ever known's hereI never wanted it to die

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

#951 Donna Lewis - "I Love You Always Forever"

Yes, well, not sure where this song came from or anything, but it was on one of my good friend Anthony's DJ Mixes and i said, damn !!!!!!!

this is one of 10 Donna Lewis songs on the countdown......just kidding!

#952 The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Halfway to Crazy"

Ok Well one of my all time favourite groups ever is Jesus and Mary Chain. Not only do they kill but they are Scottish and my affinity for Scottish rock knows no end! ...Out in the late 1980s and putting out powerful shoegaze til the mid 1990s and some beyond. My favourite album and what got me into them was Honey's Dead but Automatic is probably their most beloved. There are seven JAMC songs on the chart and this will be the first.

Best memory of JAMC: Seeing them at Bohagers in, what 1998 and Jim Reid apparently being way too drugged up and falling asleep on the drum riser? Well, maybe not my favourite memory but the second of only two shows i have seen from them (Lollapalooza 1992 being the first).

#953 Ted Leo / Pharmacists - "Under the Hedge"

I am not sure what i can say about Ted Leo other than that i love him. and he's not gay, i am sure of it. his most recent band, who sing this song are often mistaken for Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, but the correct spelling is with the / making them the first band since Guns ...N Roses to have a slash in it!!! har har.

#954 Housemartins - "The World's On Fire"

Well, i cannot find any video or even audio for this song on the web! So i must be alone in liking it so much. :)

The Housemartins are not a band to be overlooked though.
They were around in the 1980s and were probably a bit ahead of their time, thus, not garnering much success... in the states. However, one time Housemartins member Normal Cook did eventually make some success over here as DJ Fatboy Slim, who you'll here later in the countdown. I know you cant hear it , but rest assured, its a good song!

Friday, October 15, 2010

#955 Dishwalla - "Counting Blue Cars"

This is one of the songs that epitomizes the light alt-rock that came out in the mid-nineties. I think this band might still be around, and perhaps even playing new songs. They will never live this one down though. The only song from Dishwalla, but its a good one!! Tell me all your ...thoughts on god! :)

#956 Rage Against the Machine - "Wake Up"

Hands down one of the greatest bands of the 90s and maybe one of the best records of.....well, ever. I remember Corey Walker and i at the beach in North Carolina taking his dads convertible and "going to the beach" but really just buying this tape and totally rocking it all day.... Man was he mad! I also remember us seeing them at Lollapalooza 1993, first band on...right up as hell....totally awesome.There are SIX songs from Rage's first album on this countdown, perhaps (though i havent checked) making it the most represented disc here. Wake Up and rage people! I think i heard a shot!!!!

#957 Wu-Tang Clan - "Protect Ya Neck"

I wasnt into Wu Tang Clan as much as many, but there are 2 songs on my list from them. This is the first.

Monday, October 11, 2010

#958 Drugstore - "Spacegirl"

Perhaps I would never have heard of this band if they hadn't done a song with my man Thom Yorke of Radiohead. But they did, and i loved the voice of singer Isabel Montiero. I also liked their dream pop sort of style...sort of a 1990's version of Beach House. After hearing the song with Yorke..., I ran out to buy their 1998 disc White Magic for Lovers and this turned out to be the best song on the disc. I love the lull in the middle with the fantastic buildup. Dream on!

#959 Warrior Soul - "Hero"

Warriorsoul was a metal band from the early 1990s. They had kind of a political edge to them and this song has a neato bassline. rock out!

#960 Grant Lee Buffalo - "Truly Truly"

Most of you may not have heard of Grant Lee Phillips headed band Grant Lee Buffalo, and in truth, not many people did. But in 1998 they made a pretty neato song. Enough to even get me to see them in concert...of course, back in 1998 i saw everyone in concert. :)

#961 Scorpions - "Wind Of Change"

Out of all the hair metal bands from the 1970s and 1980s, the Scorpions were probably the most politically motivated and not just talkin about love and parties. Perhaps it was because they are from Germany and it was quite a controversial time in Germany back then. Either way, the Scorp...s were always involved in any political kinda of music event. This song is no exception, and it has a cool little whistly thing you can whistle along with.

#962 Moby - "Move ( You Make Me Feel )"

You guys can all say what you want about Moby, but the man was instrumental in creating dance music and moving the dance music scene in America to a new level. I am not talking about his songs with Gwen Stefani, I am talking about his legendary DJ Sets at NASA parties and at raves all over the place i...n the early to mid-nineties. Once i saw him play in Baltimore in about 1993 and he just kinda threw all the other DJs under the bus and drove all over them. Represent!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

#963 Liz Phair - "Whitechocolatespaceegg"

More 90s alternative music for you people. Perhaps Whitechocolatespacegg isnt Phair's most heralded album, but its my favourite and the only 2 Liz Phair songs on the chart are from this album. Sorry Guyville!

no video on this one,

#964 Pearl Jam - "State Of Love & Trust"

This will be the first of seven Pearl Jam songs and the first of quite a few songs from probably the most delicious soundtrack of all time. Soundtracks these days are always chock full of new artists and big hit makers, but this was one of the original. I can't say i loved the so much, but the soundtrack is definitely the soundtrack to more than just a movie, but a generation!

#965 Owl City - "Fireflies"

So last July i was driving home from school and heard this song...thought "hey cool, new postal service!!!!" but no...owl city....its cool. A rip off maybe but i liked it and it became kinda special. That is, til it turned into that mega pop hit and now the hipster in me hates it. Don't worr...y people, Owl City wont be around for long!!

#966 A Fine Frenzy - "Almost Lover"

This song was going to be a bit higher on the chart, but then i heard it in a grocery store. I know i know, i am gonna get complaints about this one, but its sorta special to me...and if you really want to complain, wait til 963!!!

#967 Amy Winehouse - "Tears Dry On Their Own"

Oh Amy Winehouse, how much talent you had, and how you have seemed to have wasted it. I do like this song, especially when she admits she "fucked myself in the head with stupid men"....haven't we all?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#968 Fiery Furnaces - "Inca Rag Name Game"

These New York City indie rockets wowed a lot of people in the early part of last decade. I saw them play Siren Festival and Coachella and they seemed to have a lot of buzz around them. A bit of that buzz has died down but they are still churning out good tunes to be sure!

#969 Onelinedrawing - "Smiile"

Oh its a beautiful day in Baltimore and isnt this just a very happy happy song. Solo project from the singer of the band Far and also the singer of the band Gratitude. This is more happy indie rock...almost Lemonheads style! awww, i just love to see you smile! :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#970 Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Travellin' Band"

Perhaps I am just not as well versed as I should be in late 60s – early 70s music, but I imagine that if i was a young adult around that time Creedence Clearwater Revival would have about been my favourite band.

#971 Eminem - "My Name Is"

So back in, I guess 1998, I was watching late night videos and saw this ridiculous video with this white dude rapping about Primus, Nine Inch Nails and Britney Spears. “Slim Shady”?? Was this a joke? Well, Dr Dre. is in it! I don’t know though, this is like some Weird Al Yankovic shit! Well, ...jokes on me…and everyone else I guess. Eminem is still here and it looks like he might never actually OD like many of us would like. This song though, I have to give him props for. And the dude does have some linguistics.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

#972 Sparklehorse - "The Most Beautiful Widow In Town"

It’s just too often that some of our worlds most talented musicians are so tormented and sad. While this may provide them with the outlet to make the most beautiful sounds ever heard, it can also be the very thing that takes them away far too soon. Mark Linkous of ...Sparklehorse died earlier this year from a self inflicted gunshot wound. If only he could have known his own worth to the world. Thanks Mr. Yorke for getting me into Mark’s music. R.I.P. (FYI, only the first half of this video is the song, the other half is another Sparklehorse song)

#973 Aerosmith - "Rag Doll"

The first of four Aerosmith songs, from the 1987 Pernament Vacation album.

#974 Broken Social Scene - "Cause = Time"

It always seems that super groups never really achieve the success that the members’ individual bands do. This isn’t the case for Broken Social Scene. Comprised of Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, along side of a host of Canadian indie rock all stars such as Feist, Emily Haines, ...Amy Millan and K-os, BSS makes some of the most inspiring music around these days. There are a few of their songs littered in the countdown along with many from BSS contributors. Oh, and don’t call them a supergroup…they are a musical collective J oh Canada!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

#975 Dangerous Toys - "Demon Bell"

You may know Austin, TX as a home for the greatest indie rock bands of the 21st Century. Bands like Spoon, Ghostland Observatory, the Black Angels and Explosions in the Sky. But back in th...e 1980s, a delicious and dangerous hair band came out of Texas’ capital city. Dangerous Toys! I liked their Texas flare as a boy and when they came out with a song from the wickedly cool horror flick “Shocker” (a story of a man put to the electric chair and didn’t die!) I was all over it. So here it is, still a pretty hot little number.

Friday, June 25, 2010

#976 - Faithless - "Insomnia"

Back in the 1990’s when DJs mostly ruled the electronic music scene, a few bands managed to work their way to the top. You will hear from most of them (Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, and Crystal Method) but few were able to produce such an electric live show as Faithless. Enormously popular ...overseas, I got to see them in NYC back in 1997 (the night after my aforementioned first night at 930 club to see the Sneaker Pimps/Aphex Twin) and when the keyboard for “Insomnia” came in across the PA… was nothing short of magical. Dig this.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#977 - Damone "On My Mind"

Damone has one of the songs you have probably never heard before, unless you are from Boston. But it’s a jangly rocking pop song that will probably get stuck in your head……you’re welcome!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#978 - Shakira - "She Wolf"

A few days ago I commented on how some songs were made better by their video….thats all i will say about this. In a world of dolled up talentless singer girls, Shakira has stood apart as a talented, yet still sexy, Colombian woman. I know its a silly pop song but i like the disco feel and i ...find it to be quite original. for being a pop song....

#979 Heart - "Alone"

Seattle's Heart was definitely one of my favourite artists growing up...when i was in the single digits listening to Top 40 radio. What i never knew til today was that this song, Alone, is actually a cover song. The original song was written and performed by 2 dudes i've never even heard of. Enjoy!

Friday, June 11, 2010

#980 Sinead O'Connor - "Mandinka"

There is plenty to say about this bald brash Irish lass. She was not only controversial because of her lack of hair, but for her statements on politics, sex and religion. She was perhaps most famous for her cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” but before that she had a great albu...m in the 80s called “The Lion and the Cobra”. She charted two songs from that album on the top 1000 and this is the first one. In case you were wondering, Mandinka are an ethnic group from West Africa (Ivory Coast, Sierre Leonne, Senegal, Liberia, etc) but its totally unclear if her song has anything to do with these dudes but with her mostly political and meaningful songs, I would imagine she has some sympathy for the plight of West Africans…at least 23 years ago she did!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

#981 - Superdrag - "Sucked Out"

Throughout this countdown, you will be asked a lot of burning questions. Ballboy wonders "where do the nights of sleep go?", Natalie Merchant asks "whats the matter here?" and Mr. Marley asks "Could You Be Loved?" but perhaps the most burning question is asked by Superdrag and almost 15 ye...ars later we still arent quite sure who sucked out the feeling...i vote that it was Rivers Cuomo!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#982 Front 242 - "First In, First Out"

For anyone who knew me when i was 15-16 years old, they remember me wearing a Front 242 shirt and being quite a fan of the Belgian industrial act. Dreams of mine came to fruition at Lollapalooza 3 in 1993 when Front 242 played the main stage (after Rage and Tool!). I was such a that my "pager code" was 242....taken from the Front! There is another Front 242 song later in the chart as well.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

#983 Billy Idol - "Cradle Of Love"

There are some songs on here that perhaps the video made the song that much better. Remember music videos? Well, Idol’s video for this song was a good one, in the mind of a 13 year old boy! A very interesting footnote here, the director of this video was David Fincher. After directing this video he went on to direct a couple movies….including probably my two favorite movies ever, Seven and Fight Club.

#984 AC/DC - "Moneytalks"

Out of the millions of bands on ever to walk the earth, only a select few get to play for decades and decades and have countless rabid fans from multiple generations. AC/DC is one of those bands. Its hard to say you dont like em, no matter what style you usually listen to. This 1990 song was of the last hair metal (if you can really call em that) songs that i loved before I heard that Nirvana band. This is the 1st of 3 AC/DC songs in the countdown. Yeah Angus Young!

Monday, June 7, 2010

#985 Pedro the Lion - "Rapture"

Pedro the Lion isnt actually a lion named Pedro, they are an indie rock band from Seattle, who were around from the mid-nineties to the mid-00s. I love this song in particular but the more and more i listen to Pedro, the more i love them. This is the only song, but if you are a fan of ...the Posies, Death Cab or any other sort of northwestern US indie rock....check out Pedro the Lion....

Friday, June 4, 2010

#986 Social Distortion - "Bad Luck"

Go ahead and try, and when you find a dude as bad ass as Mike Ness I will applaud you. This song came out in 1992 but Social D has been ripping it up for over 20 years now. I saw them a few years back and they were incredible still...and anyone going to Lollapalooza this summer will ...see them again. Theres plenty more from SxDx on this countdown, too.

#987 Powerman 5000 - "When World's Collide"

Back in 1999-2002 I did have a phase where i wanted to break from the dancefloor and rock as hard as i could! Not really death metal but t...his Boston area rock band featuring Spider, Rob Zombie's brother, was a shorttime favourite of mine. "Are You Ready to Go?" Fuck yes, i am, sir!

(side note: is it just me or does Spider remind you a bit of Dr. Evil's son, Scott?)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

#988 Great White - "Save Your Love"

I suppose i could continue defending the amount of hair band songs in this countdown, but i just dont want to nor do i think i should! There are 2 Great White songs on this list but no Kix, sorry!!

#989 Arlo - "Shutterbug"

While I really no nothing about this band or where I even came about this song, I have loved it for years. Its from 2006 but definitely has a Beach Boys 70's kind of feel to it. Apparently no one else has heard of it either cause i cant find any sort of video for it. If anyone else can, please post!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#990 Sneaker Pimps - "Spin Spin Sugar"

So with the 930 Club in DC's 30th anniversary concert coming up tomorrow, its only fitting that the band performing today's song happens to be the first band I ever saw there. September of 1997, Tom, Erica and I went to see the Sneaker Pimps / Death in Vegas and headliner, Aphex at 930 in DC. Show was good and i enjoyed the club. I was not old enough to drink then though, so i didnt have $7 beers to complain about!

#991 Mike Doughty - "Move On"

Mr. Doughty, once the singer for Soul Coughing (who has a song on this chart as well) split the band and went solo, to achieve nearly as much success as he did with his bandmates. There are about as many war protests songs on the countdown as there are Christmas songs (see Buffalo Springfield later in the countdown), but this number was written by Doughty in 2004 as a protest to the war in Iraq.

I hope this gets better as the songs go up , but i cannot find any sort of link for this song.....if anyone can help me with a website, i would love to post downloadable mp3s for everyone. Anyway....thats 989 for ya!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

#992 Genesis - "That's All"

So I don't suppose its too early for a Phil Collins vs. Peter Gabriel discussion? Maybe we will wait a bit later as there are a few songs from each and a few more from Genesis. Though no Genesis WITH Gabriel songs. Interesting. This one from 1987 and comes in at 990!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

#993 Violent Femmes - "Good Feeling"

4 of the 5 songs on this countdown from the Violent Femmes come from their 1983 self-titled, debut album. There are many artists that I must give credit to my big brother for introducing me to. The Violent Femmes are definitely one of them! Thanks Brian!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#994 Run DMC - "Beats to the Rhyme"

Theres simply not enough that can be said about Run DMC. They didnt invent hip-hop, but the Beatles didnt invent rock and roll either. You can say that Jay-Z sold more records or that Enimem sold more...whatever Eminem sells, but none of those dudes would have a job if it wasnt for DMC. This is the first of 4 Run DMC songs on my countdown.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#995 DMX - "Ruff Ryders Anthem"

Imagine going to a Sheryl Crow / Alanis Morrisette concert only to find that the intermission entertainment is.....DMX!!!! Well, it Woodstock 99. I am not sure why, but thats the way it played out. Angry girls were barking like dogs and angry dudes asking "isnt it ironic?" all over the place.

Now I realize that there is an official video for this but its the edited version. So to save artistic integrity, I included the real version, no video with cool motorcycle tricks. (sorry, Amy)

#996 The Kinks -- "Father Christmas"

There aren’t a lot of Christmas songs in the countdown and it’s not because I don’t like Christmas songs, ok, it is because I don’t really like Christmas songs. But I like the Kinks and the tale of kids beating up Santa Claus just warms me to the core.

Monday, May 24, 2010

#997 Bulletboys, the - "Smooth Up In Ya"

80s hair metal was a lot more hair than metal. Metal fans on today would laugh at Poison or Winger being “metal” but I guess in the 1980s it was a term that fit. I was a fan, damnit, I wont deny it. And I liked this song. I remember my dad taking my sister and I to see Poison, Sl...aughter and the Bulletboys in 1989. We were 5th row center and it was the loudest thing I think I had ever heard at only 12 years old! I don’t think I would care much for singers with bleace blonde hair and a waxed chest now, but man back then, I didn’t so much care. I like the comment on this video’s page…”If you didn't grow up during this time in'll never understand the 'awesomeness' of it!!!!” True dat!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

#998 Lemonheads, the - "Into Your Arms"

Oh, the a land where the style of music and the character of rock star was defined by a world that sounded dirty and raw (grunge), Evan Dando managed to make a name for himself with swooning, happy, jangly pop songs. Maybe it was cause he was so damn handsome.

Here's an interesting tidbit of information for you. Dando, co-wrote a Dandy Warhols tune, called "You Were The Last High" Dando and the Dandys!!! (sorry, tho Rachel, that one didnt make it in to the top 1000.

This is a first of several Lemonheads songs in the chart though! Enjoy.

#999 Eels - Hey Man [Now You're Really Living]

So for those who don’t know, my uncle used to work for a record label back in the 1980s-1990s. During the 80s he used to send me dozens of 45 from bands like Duran Duran and artists like Billy Ocean. In the 90’s I got CDs from U2, the Candyskins, and once, from an artist just named “E”. I never gave “A Man Called E” much listen back in 1992 but in 1996 when a band called Eels came on the scene with “Novacaine for the Soul”, it was then I repacked up “A Man Called E” and really began to dig Mark Oliver Everett’s songwriting. This 2005 tune, the first single from “Blinking Lights and Other Revelations really makes me want to get up and shake my tail feathers!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#1000 Hole - "Doll Parts"

I really dont have a lot to say about Courtney Love but I do really like this song. Can someone please find some kind words to say about her, because I really have none. Doll Parts though, is a good song from Hole. Apparently, the song was originally called "I Am" and was about her first meeting with Kurt Cobain. In more current news, Love and Hole are back with a new album and I've heard its as mediocre as the old dusty records from yesteryear.......

#1001 Wicked Wipe - "Rok Da House" (Slaughterhouse Mix)

So, let me warn those who may not be aware, that there are going to be many dance/electronic songs on this countdown. For those who like these classic club anthems , cool. For those who dont, just be happy that there were many I wanted to include but did not know the names of the songs!

This one is easy and I believe a certain DJ played this one to ring in the new year 1997 perhaps...and maybe a gorilla was involved? Anyway, there are many remixes of this song, Ian Pooley's being my favourite, but I have included the Slaughterhouse remix snap open your glowsticks and enjoy!@

#1001 "Rok Da House" (Ian Pooley Remix) - Wicked Wipe

Sunday, May 16, 2010

#1002 Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World

And the countdown begins!!!! One song a day, until we get to number 1!

so check back often and hear them all. More features, such as downloads will perhaps come down the road. Til then, enjoy and try to spread the word to anyone you know that may enjoy.

Montreal's Men Without Hats tell a story of Jenny and Johnny, who have a band and play some instruments and POP! Anyway, this 1987 song was so popular it was number one on the local radio station's Top 8 at 8. The guest DJ announcing the song was a 10 year old boy....ME!

So without further ado, let the countdown begin!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

And it begins on May 17th

On May 17th, I will have created the Top 1000 songs of all time, only according to me. Charts were not consulted, sales were not considered, just my favourite 1000 songs ever. Maybe you heard them on the radio, maybe on MTV, maybe at some sweaty rave party. Maybe you havent heard them at all, but rest assured that they all kill and you will love it.

Each day , starting May 17th, 2010, i will post one song (maybe more if you are lucky), with hopefully a link to listen to the song and a description as to why its where it is.

Hopefully, soon i will move this site to a real webpage and be able to link you to an mp3 of each song for download (though that sounds a bit illegal!). If anyone reading this can help, that would be neato.

Til then, get ready to check daily, or weekly and feel free to tell anyone else about it. All comments are welcome as well.

and number 1000 is......................