Monday, April 26, 2010

And it begins on May 17th

On May 17th, I will have created the Top 1000 songs of all time, only according to me. Charts were not consulted, sales were not considered, just my favourite 1000 songs ever. Maybe you heard them on the radio, maybe on MTV, maybe at some sweaty rave party. Maybe you havent heard them at all, but rest assured that they all kill and you will love it.

Each day , starting May 17th, 2010, i will post one song (maybe more if you are lucky), with hopefully a link to listen to the song and a description as to why its where it is.

Hopefully, soon i will move this site to a real webpage and be able to link you to an mp3 of each song for download (though that sounds a bit illegal!). If anyone reading this can help, that would be neato.

Til then, get ready to check daily, or weekly and feel free to tell anyone else about it. All comments are welcome as well.

and number 1000 is......................

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