Wednesday, November 3, 2010

#950 Guns N' Roses - "Estranged"

So you can argue the merits of Guns N Roses with me all day. Sure, maybe they are and were a joke, but look people...if you dont like or never liked them, you are too old or too young, all there is too it!

Though short lived, they were one of my favourites, and it shows from the TWELVE so...ngs they have in my top 1000. Estranged is a nine minute long track, suppposedly written by Axl about his failed marriage and the video was the third part to a video trilogy that included Don't Cry and November Rain as the first 2 parts.

I especially like this song for the last couple verses and how Axl seems to go off track and just belting out the last few lines...I knew the storm was getting closerAnd all my friends said I was highBut everything we've ever known's hereI never wanted it to die

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