Monday, March 7, 2011

#896 Drake - "Forever " feat Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem

I know Drake is about pop rappy and played out as you can get. He's the Canadian Vanilla Ice (no Vanilla Ice was NOT Canadian!) but he does have a kinda cool voice, and i have a secret (not anymore) affinity for Kanye West. How is it that he's the only person on Earth that takes him seriously and i dont think he's aware the rest of us dont!!!
Plus, the 4 verses of this song go very well together for some reason to me. Despite that i really dont like any of the 4 of these rappers, they collaborated to make a good song.
This may not be on the chart in a few could be the newness of it, who knows. But Eminem's verse is pretty beast.

#897 Zombie Nation - "Kernkraft 400"

Everyone loves zombies! Everyone loves delicious techno synth beats! What a combo. Whether you heard this song grooving in some club in the 1990s or whether you heard it when your favourite sports team scored a goal, theres no denying the infectiousness of the song. Jock Jams...Rave .........Til Dawn....Jarrod's countdown....the trifecta!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#898 Stereo Mc's - "Connected"

Actually coming in surprisingly low on the chart. This 1992 song made the Billboard Hot 100 and catapulted the MCs to a decent amont of fame. I remember seeing these cats at HFStival 1993. (Sam, Rachel?)

The MCs made some damn good dance music, and according to Sam Goldsmith...still are!!! I thought there was a video for this, but apparently not, so heres a live take of it!

#899 Miami Sound Machine - "Conga"

The 80s hit parade continues with one of the only real Cuban/Salsa kind of songs on the countdown. No, not a big Gloria Estefan fan but this track would make anyone want to dance. This song put Gloria and her band on the map to make many more singles and for Estefan to have a solo career as well.

#900 Cameo - "Word Up"

Ahh yes, we're into 900 and why not start with a song that was quite popular and quite influential. Perhaps Cameo didn't make up the phrase "word up" (it came from a TV Show) but they certainly made it popular in the 1980s. Some of us old folks still use it today.
I got to see these guys perform this song a couple years back at a jazz festival. It was awesome and i checked "see cameo play word up" off my bucket list!