Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#901 Mother Mother - "Neighbour"

So in my journeys of trying to hear every song ever made, i run into some random shit. Some bad, some good. When i found Canada's Mother Mother, i found a gem. Quirky New Pornographer-esque lyrics and bands like the Dodos and Freelance Whales have taken the same sound and had more ma...instream (indie-mainstream) success.

Either way, this song, the last of the first 100 songs, is well, about a neighbor who likes to watch! :) This is not the official video btw.

#902 Afghan Whigs - "Be Sweet"

So can we say that the Afghan Whigs are the best thing to ever come from Cincinnati? I feel like we can. Greg Dulli is one of the most interesting people and songwriters in recent times.
The Whigs were a prominent force in 1990s alternative rock and its a true shame they don't exist any longer. Dulli does tour solo and perhaps does some classics in his set. He also has a new band, the Twilight Singers.
This is the first of 3 songs by Afghan Whigs in the more and we've made it through 100!!!!

#903 Butthole Surfers - "Dracula From Houston"

My guess is that you probably have no idea how awesome the Butthole Surfers are. Sure, they had that song Pepper in 1996 and they have a funy name, but if you understood how awesome Gibby Haynes and company were and how many great records they put, you'd certainly be hipper than you are now! Get on that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#904 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Heads Will Roll"

Well we finally have our first repeat artist of the list! Not really such an honor considering its only the 900's and this is the second and final Yeah Yeah Yeah's song on the chart. Just coming out last year, its one of the newer songs on the list too.
This video was nominated for a VMA and if you grab the single, there are many cool remixes of it by Passion Pit, James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins and more. Off with your head!!!!!

#905 Flyleaf - "All Around Me"

So perhaps i have an affinity for loud rocking bands with female vocalists. Sure, maybe i saw Evanescence at their 99cent show at 930 Club when they first came out (but disregarded them as humans midway through the show and left).

But Flyleaf is a decent band. I even had the chance at meeting singer Lacey at Merriweather a few years ago. Nice girl, great voice, and i can get behind it sometimes, when i'm feeling all angry and such! Even if the video is a bit bloody!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

#906 The Cardigans - "Lovefool"

I need to seriously count the Swedish bands on the Top 1000. It has to be close to 50 songs on here but the Swedes. This one from 1996, an excellent indie kinda poppy song sung by a beautiful Swedish woman! Score!

This was by far the Cardigans' most popular hit, even ending up on Romeo and Juliet's soundtrack. The Cardigans do have some other quality songs so i suggest you check Nina and Co. out sometime!

#907 Social Distortion - "Highway 101"

Ahh, Social D!!! Its hard to imagine someone not liking Mike Ness and company. Although SxDx was formed in the 1970s (!!!!) they didnt really blast onto the alternative music scene until 1990's "Ball and Chain". For the next 20 years they have been putting out quality music relati...vely nonstop. In fact, they are currently touring as we speak, playing in Baltimore in November i believe!

This is the first of six songs from Social Distortion in the top 1000 and its from 2004's album Sex, Love and Rock & Roll.

#908 The Killers - "Mr. Brightside"

So the Killers may be sort of lame now, but they did make a great record back in 2003. In fact, a cool indie moment of mine is seeing the Killers open (yes, open) for a tiny band called Stellastarr*.

Yeah, no one was there and the Killers were completely unknown except for a couple people knowing "Somebody Told Me". Well this song was a favourite of mine for a while and i still think it deserves some praise now!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

‎#909 Ryan Adams - "Shakedown on 9th Street"

One of the most prolific songwriters of the 1990s-2000s perhaps is Ryan Adams. From rock to country to just jamming out Grateful Dead style, Adams has a very unique twist on all of the above. Though i never noticed it really until i saw his live show. He's much more into the Dead than i previously imagined, and perhaps a little Shakedown could be an ode to part of that. Either way, one of Ryan's more rocking songs....

#910 Neil Young - "Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)"

There aren't a whole lot of songwriters better than Neil Young. This defintely one of my favourites. A lot of memorable lines in this one, like 'rock and roll will never die' and "its better to burn out than to fade away" which was infamously quoted in Kurt Cobain's suicide note. (you know you write deep shit when someone quotes you in their suicide note!)

Looking for the acoustic version? its called "My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)" See he's clever too! and Canadian! and since Young needs to be heard live to be appreciated fuilly, here is a historic performance of this song.

Monday, February 7, 2011

#911 Voxtrot - "Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, & Wives".

Finally a song about women i can get with!!! Voxtrot, a Texas outfit put out a great EP and a great album a few years back but have been silent for a while, which is a shame.

Great melodies, a great voice and lyrics that just grab you and hold you still. More Voxtrot to come in the Top 1000.

#912 3 Doors Down - "Loser"

Ok so i may catch some shit for this one, but come on, despite the alt-rock ness of this song, its a good one. Written about cocaine addiction, it has a serious undertone to it and is quite well written.

Interesting side note, this song holds the record for most weeks at number one on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. 21 weeks at number one and it earns you number 912 on Jarrod's list and the only 3 Doors Down song to make the top 1000 (though its not the only song called "Loser" on the list!

#913 Beck - "Cold Brains"

Beck has 9 songs in the countdown and this is the first one. From the Mutations album, "Cold Brains" was the first single and really set the tone for this record. Mutations was the follow-up to Odelay which was Beck's most popular record. It was received not anywhere near as well as Odelay and ...didnt have nearly as many hits, but i think it could be just as good....ok maybe not.

But we salute the Beck anyway cause he is just freaking awesome!